Remote Architecture
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If some of the time registration terminal are located in another building or a remote location, then they can be administered over TCP/IP or a phone line (analog / ISDN). For this PC and the remote RS485 bus are connected to a modem each. Additional subsystems can be added, each having its own phone number. The number is unlimited.

Remote operation: The terminals are administered via modem  

Up to 200 terminals can be connected to one bus. The total length may not exceed 3000m. A CAT5 installation can be shared, since terminals and modem interfaces come with a RJ45 jack.  
If only one terminal is needed at the remote location, the modem can be connected directly to the terminal and the modem interface is not required.  
The 220V voltage supply is not shown for the sake of clarity  
Remote- und lokaler Betrieb: obige Architektur kombiniert mit lokalen Terminals