Standard Architektur
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Simple structure with 3 time registration terminals  

Three terminals are connected via RS485-Bus to a PC. Up to 200 terminals can be connected to one bus. The total length may not exceed 3000m. A CAT5-infrastructure can be used, because terminals and RS485 interface are connected using a RJ45-jack.  
The 220V voltage supply is not shown for the sake of clarity.  

Instead of the RS485 bus in the above diagram the time registration terminals can also be connected to a TCP/IP network (LAN / Ethernet) . For that a LAN interface module has to be plugged into each time registration terminal. In this case the shown RS485-Interface is not needed..
If only one time registration terminal needs to be connected to the PC, the RS232 interface can be used, the RS485-Interface is not required.

The bus (RS232 or RS485) is available at the RJ45 socket, so that a regular CAT5-cable can be plugged in. An already existing CAT5-installation of a building can be shared therefore.

Thanks to its modularity any sized systems can be built by simply adding more terminals to it.