Time and Attendance: Main features at a glance
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·Trade, Industry, Hotels, Administrations that need complex account systems  
The more complex functions of the time registration system come into service immediately. This however requires a bit more expertise from your specialist, which often is already present anyway.  
Particularly useful: For up to one month you may without any risk optimize the program parameters in order to cover all your requirements. After each change simply read the recorded time entries again from the terminal.  
·Small and midsized enterprises needing a simple to use system like the good old time clock  
Employee Monthly Statement and other reports can be directly compiled with ease even by unskilled user. Rid yourself of the regurlar annoying tasks like evaluating time sheets & time card etc. and let the system do it. The gained work time can now be used for more profitable tasks. Should your organization or your requirements grow then simply use the other functions that have not yet been in use.  

·Time registration software: Time models, Flexible working hours, Monthly statements  
Extensive functions caters for all sorts of business applications  
·Web-Interface (Option)  
Employees may view their monthly statement with their own webbrowser and also clock their work time with it. The full functionality needed by professionals however is only available in the 3S-PLUS Client, a browser is not needed at all. That also saves you from all sorts of problems like "This page cannot be displayed by your browser"  
·Remote use in world-wide locations  
- in Munich a personell person checks and edits the clocked times of all afilliates.  
- in Paris and Madrid the employees clock at the terminal with their card-transponder  
- in the headquarters in Rome the database runs on a server for all afiliates.  
All are connected via a TCP/IP network (Intranet / InterNet).  
Employess may clock in/out and view their account at a terminal, web-interface or mobile phone.  
From home the employee may view their monthly statement and enter their time of illness while the boss from his home or office views the report statistics of all his people.  
·Client talks to database only via TCP / IP  
3S-PLUS Time and Attendance runs on a PC with access to a TCP/IP network. This can be a LAN, Intranet, Internet (incl. a dial-up connection) or even Internet via mobile phone. Since only database data is transfered, it does not need to be a fast network.  

·Management-Info per mouse-click  
Online the boss views all important information and reports (also as charts) of his employees, in order to make his next decisions.  

·Departments & Afiliates  
The boss of each section only can see the data of his subordinated staff, not that of other employees  
·Live Status Display  
Shows the current presence status of all employees on each PC by 3S-Watch or as a web page on a browser. Also a LED display tableau can be used.  
Everytime an employee clocks at a terminal, the status display willbe updated. A coworker can thus see where his colleague is, should someone ask for him at a telephone.  
·Multiple national language  
3S-PLUS Time and Attendance speeks your national language. It can be adjusted later on in the field to cater for your specialized jargon.  

·Runs with modern SQL database  
The data base server is usually installed on a Win200x / NT / XP computer. This can be an already existing server computer that takes over this additional task.  

·Intuitive user interface  
The Easy version does not require any or only little training.  

·You need help to get started?  
our ZERO-problem package helps you to get started rapidly.