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Terminal for time attendance.
Terminal with 16-keys  


Terminal with 9 keys (anthracite)  

·made in Germany, developed and manufactured in Germany  
·detects RFID Transponder (card / keyfob / stick).  
·Transponder types: TIRIS (Option: Hitag, Legic, Mifare, ISO 15693)  
·Reading distance: TIRIS card up to 200mm (100mm with Mifare card)  
·no moving parts, thus free from wear & tear  
·each transponder is unique  

·runs autonomous and does not require constant online connection to PC  
·very easy to install: just connect to 220V and LAN ethernet  
·2 x 20 character LCD illuminated  
·handles max. 750 employees per terminal  
·buffers max. 6100 clock-in-outs (100 employees) or 3500 @ 750 employees  
·buffers data of 40 days in case the PC downloads them not earlier  
·mirrored data storage to prevent data loss, battery sustained.  
·timetriggerd preselection of work-start and work-end  
·programmable keys allow defining short-keys  
·automatical summer- / winter-time switch  
·replaces old punch-clock  
·optional relay for door opener or pause-siren.  
·runs on 230V~  
·housing for wall mount 180 x 130 x 80 mm  
16-Key version  
·Keys for Work-Begin and Work-End  
·Arrow keys to select Reasons like business trip, pause, travel, etc.  
9-Key version (anthracite)  
·Large keys for work-time, pause, business-trip and information query.  

·All connections are pluggable to keep installation simple.  
·RS485 for up to 3000m cable length and up to 200 terminals. Requires CAT-5 with min 4 wires.  
At PC side a RS232-RS485 adaptor is needed.  
·Modem-connection via phone line (analog or ISDN) uses external modem  
·TCP/IP -ethernet (LAN)