Software Features: Time and Attendance
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Interactive editing and correction
·use the comfortable correction functions to find and edit forgotten or wrong time entries  
·All corrections are logged to ensure revision security  

Transparent for your staff

·each entitled employee may view his own monthly statement (time sheet) on-line and optionally make corrections  

Work Time models
Daily Working Schedule (fixed / flexible)  
·Predefines flex-time, core working time, net target hours  
·up to 4 breaks (fixed / variable) per day  
·Rounding each for arrival an leave  

Weekly Schedule  
·Assigns for each weekday a daily schedule or shift schedule  
·Each shift schedule uses the automatic detector that detects what shift is actually carried out  

Yearly Schedule  
·Each month contains the scheduled sum of work hours  

Shift Schedule  
·are compiled from the weekly schedules  
·automatic detection of shift schedule on the basis of work time actually taken place  

Tariff models
·specify how the performed work hours are to be distributed to the appropiate accounts (tariff rules)  
·Handle flex-time and cut values when exceeding limit values  
·Rules for daily, weekly and monthly computation  
·Calculation rules for work on holidays, Sundays, over time  
·Add to time accounts and its subsequent accounts if threshold value exceeded the following:  
- the daily net sum  
- the portion of the daily net sum that lie within a predefined range of time  
- the portion of the daily net sum that lie within a predefined range  
- the portion of the daily difference (standard time - net time) that lie within a predefined range  
- the portion of the monthly net sum that lie within a predefined range  
- the portion of the monthly difference (preset value - net time), that lie within a predefined range  
- additional industry and customer specific accounting rules  
Company Calender
·Here you define company-wide holidays, vacation, Christmas, New Year that apply for all employees. These definitions are then used in the tariff models determining how these days are to be accounted for.  
·the legal holidays are automatically entered by the system  
·other regional holidays can be easily added manually.  

·Defines for each user the rights of what he is entitled to do, i.e. only viewing data or enter / change / delete.  

Employee master data

·General employee data  
·Assigns employee to cost centre, departments, user groups, groups of accounts, activities and mandators.  
·Assigns employee to transponder (card key fobs)  
·Assigns employee to day-, week- or shift-schedule  
·Assigns employee to tariff model  
·additional remarks and notes  
·Vacation, remaining vacation, special vacation etc.  

Time accounts
·Time accounts are use to store worktime sums (e.g. net time, flexible working hours, overtime, vacation, illness etc.).  
·A time account may refer to other subsequent accounts, so that a time sum, which is booked on the account may simultanously be added to this subsequent accounts. An user definable formula determines the value.  

General master data
·Cost centres  
·Terminal administration  
·Fehlgründe (Absenzen)  

Vacation calendar
·Administers the vacation of the current and previous year  
·calculates the number of remaining vacation days  

Manual Editing
·absent times, like forgotten time entries, vacation, sick leave  
·Known times such as summer holidays, training, business trip etc. can be entered in advance  
·Incorrect time entries can be searched for and then be directly corrected  
·Manually or automatically corrected entries are marked in the reports.  

·Monthly statement (time sheet) for each employee  
·Attendance status for each day  
·Boss statistics: shows annual summary of time accounts for each employee or department.  
·Time account balance, shows the monthly standing of the important time accounts for each employee  
·Current vacation balance  
·Data can be exported to Excel or to other 3rd-party programs  

·Export to Excel of data from each overview  
·Export to external payroll programs.  
·Terminal shows time account balance e.g. flextime hours & vacation  

·Clock-in and clock-out are checked for correctness already in offline mode to prevent wrong entries  

System requirements
·NT / Win200x / XP  
·uses only TCP / IP  
·runs rapidly even when the network is slow (Internet dial-up)  
·comes with a modern SQL database